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James MacNamara

James, the father of Julia MacNamara (4.5.1846 - 25.11.1924) lived at Limerick, Ireland. He was a firkin maker by trade. Firkins are a small cask for liquids, fish, butter and other commodities. They originally containing a quarter of a barrel or half a kilderkin. Of his family we know very little. Of four of his children who emigrated a little is known. These are;

1.Elizabeth MacNamara1836 approx
2.James MacNamara 
3.Mary MacNamara 
4.Julia MacNamara4.5.1846
5Monica MacNamara (Stayed in Ireland)

In more detail;

  1. Elizabeth MacNamara

    She came out to Australia at 18 years of age and married Leonard Richardson 11.11.1856. He was a school teacher who came from America. He later took up farming.

    Their family

    1.Mary Ann Richardson14.8.1857
    2.Paulina Richardson8.6.1859
    3.Victoria Richardson 22.1.1861
    4.Joseph Garibalda Richardson 6.9.1862
    5.John Tarelteny Richardson3.9.1864
    6.Elric Dalgreen Richardson18.4.1866
    7.Leonard Richardson4.4.1868
    8.Silas Richardson3.6.1870
    9.Milford Richardson3.6.1870
    10.David Richardson 20.3.1875

    In more detail;

    1. Mary Ann Richardson  14.8.1857 - 1935 (78)

      She became Mrs. Pepperell. She had eight children. Died in 1935 aged 78 years.

      We only have the details for one of her eight children.

      1. Clarence Martin Pepperell 30.12. 1883

        born in Wellington lived Victoria Australia

    2. Paulina Richardson  8.6.1859 - 16.10.1939 (80)

      Paulina married ......Westmore

      Their family

      1.A son(died at birth)
      2.Elmira Westmore 
    3. Victoria Richardson  22.1.1861 - 13.4.1944 (83)

      Victoria married ...... Jury

      Their family

      1.Ernest JURY 
      2.Frank JURY16.1.1890
      3.Emma JURY 
    4. Joseph Garibalda Richardson  6.9.1862 -

      Joseph had 5 children

    5. John Tarelteny Richardson  3.9.1864 - 9.1936 (72)

      John never married

    6. Elric Dalgreen Richardson  18.4.1866 - 1939 (72)

      Elric married and had 2 children

    7. Leonard Richardson  4.4.1868 - 7.1948 (80)

      Leonard married and had 3 children

    8. Silas Richardson  3.6.1870 - 11.11.1953 (83)

      Silas, the twin brother of Milford married and had 3 children.

    9. Milford Richardson  3.6.1870 - 12.11.1949 (79)

      Milford, the twin brother of Silas never married

    10. David Richardson  20.3.1875 - 1939 (64)

      David married and had 4 children

  2. James MacNamara

    James out to Australia and then went to America where he married.

  3. Mary MacNamara

    Mary came out to Australia and married Joseph Beattie. They had no family. Joseph Beattie was a stonemason by trade and built the courthouse - the first public building to be built of Oamaru stone. He and his wife came to Oamaru but later returned to Australia after being declared bankrupt in February 1871. See page on The First Government Building of Stone In Oamaru.

  4. Julia MacNamara  4.5.1846 - 25.11.1924 (78)

    Julia married William Falconer. See Mrs William Falconer nee Julia MacNamara 1846-1924

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